Wednesday, October 18, 2017

David Duchrow Wins Award! (air horn sounds)

David Duchrow-Attorney Extraordinaire!! Not only one of the best lawyers in the Los Angeles area but he gives back to his community, too! Congrats to David on receiving the Joe Posner Award!!! @DavidDuchrow #FightfortheWorkers #Winning

Announcement-Joe Posner Award

The Joe Posner Award Committee is pleased
 to announce David Duchrow as this year's Joe Posner Award recipient.
Our committee members wanted to recognize someone who embodies Joe's inspiring qualities, which David certainly does.  This year, we are also very happy to recognize one of CELA's "unsung heroes," someone who does not seek the limelight but rather works tirelessly behind the scenes to help CELA achieve its mission of advancing the rights of California workers and empowering the advocates who represent them.

Those who have met David know of his quiet and gentle demeanor.  But those who have worked with David also know of his thunderous impact on CELA and working people.  To quote one of our committee members, "David has made a huge contribution to CELA, with the selflessness of a Joe Posner."

David has been practicing law since 1982.  After faithfully reading Joe Posner's employment law articles in the Daily Journal, he was inspired to leave his union side firm and eventually establish his own firm representing workers.  His impact on the law was made through many ways, including his appellate work, such as Johnson v. City of Loma Linda (California Supreme Court case involving issue preclusion in public employee cases) and Jensen v. Wells Fargo (a groundbreaking decision for disability rights, establishing among other things, recognition of PTSD as a protected disability and the right to non-competitive transfer as a form of reasonable accommodation).  On behalf of workers, he has written numerous appellate and amicus briefs and argued before the California Supreme Court such as in the case of Schifando v. City of LA and Richey v. AutoNation.  He also persuaded the Board to expand beyond employment law and to allow CELA to sign on as an amicus, under his name, in the historic Marriage Equality Cases before the United States Supreme Court.

David's service to CELA spans decades and includes eleven years on the CELA Board, including a term as Chair from 2007 to 2009.  Among his committee service, he served on the Education Committee for the past 10 years. As an early member of the Listserv Committee, he helped establish listserv protocol and rules.  In 2012, when Jeff Winikow was elevated to the bench, the Board pressed David into service to head CELA's Amicus Committee.  This is a job of mammoth proportion.  David remains abreast of developments in employment law to identify opportunities for CELA's voice to be heard; fields requests from CELA members, and allied organizations, for CELA to provide support via "friend of the court" amicus briefs; reviews, edits and approves all CELA filings; and frequently authors or co-authors CELA's briefs.

David has demonstrated his commitment to diversity in CELA and in his own law practice.  During his term as Chair, David encouraged CELA to create our sibling non-profit, the Foundation for Advocacy Inclusion & Resources, nurturing FAIR through incorporation and establishment of non-profit status (with the generous assistance of the late John Weiss, another Posner Award recipient) and CELA Executive Director Christina Krasomil.  Over the years, David also served as a member of CELA's Diversity Outreach Committee for several years and has carried through on a personal commitment to outreach to individuals from diverse backgrounds to join CELA.  Many of them remain active members of CELA and some now sit on the boards of CELA and FAIR.  In his own law practice, David has hired at least four law clerks through the FAIR Employee Justice Fellowship program, two of whom he then hired as associates.

Given David's many accomplishments and amazing dedication, please join the members of the Posner Award Committee and the CELA Board in congratulating him on this well-deserved honor. 

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