Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Elyse Walter's Review Gives 5 out of 5 Stars!

"The world has gone mad"! "They're robbing our souls, and the world has turned out its light and gone to sleep."

"From bleakness emerges a story about a pivotal period in history. It's a rich portrayal about Kindertransport children who were transported out of Germany to London when the massive attack on Jews changed 'everything'. Six Hundred thousand Jewish Children were in need of being rescued. Fluid storytelling and well-drawn characters make this novel compulsively readable. It's appropriate reading for as young as middle school children to read to adults. Jana Zinser educates the less knowledgeable reader about the holocaust, with dignity and sensitivity. The factual details mixed with a cast of breathtaking vivid characterless so persuasive and interesting...( troubling ), that even the more advance - adult reader- will have a hell of a hard time pulling away. I 'had' to read this in one sitting. ( tears a 'few' times). This was one of those books--where I did not touch my phone once- did not touch the internet once-didn't give a damn about the dirty dishes in the sink- laundry that needed to be done - or any hunger."

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